How Trump Will Stick It to Elites "Draining the Swamps"

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How Trump Will Stick It to Elites "Draining the Swamps"

Post  kelee877 on Fri Nov 11, 2016 2:43 pm

Trump, who lives in blue Manhattan and perhaps fears that he might yet pay taxes one day, has a plan that goes easier on residents of Trump Tower than Ryan's plan. But either way, the elite are set to end up with a whole lot more money.

Brutal, man.

Trump is promising to punish the elite in other ways. He's "draining the swamp" in Washington by empowering lobbyists on his transition team, where they oversee the issues they are paid to influence. The lobbyists, with their fat paychecks and expense accounts, must be reeling under the weight of their new responsibilities.

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