Solar system

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Solar system

Post  Guest on Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:44 am

We are setting up our 27 foot fifth wheel we call the Terry with solar power. Seen a great article for setting up and RV with solar power to be able to do what they call dry RVing which is living completely self sufficient.


So far I've started with the solar panels two 25 watt panels used to charge the battery pack. Yesterday I set up the dual battery system to have 2 batteries and have them provide equal energy out put. The way I did this is to make sure all wiring is equal as it states in the article in the link, plus make sure wiring is big enough to run the current without reducing the amperage. I found my energy converter that is installed in all RV's that will convert 120 volt to the items that run on 12 volt power which are the lights. Like normal RV the refrigerator will run on propane or 120, all the outlet run on 120 same as the heater motor. My next purchase is an inverter that does the opposite of the converter. The inverter will take the 12 volt battery power and invert it to 120 volt for the camper to run off of when dry camping. The only thing as the article explains you need to cut the power from the batteries running into the RV so you don't screw up the system. The Terry actually has a switch already installed which is lucky. So the next step is to purchase a inverter so we don't have to use the generator for power. Will update as I progress.


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