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Post  Guest on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:01 am

We have been so lucky this December with the weather being as warm as it is so far with our RV living we been able to have water in the small trailer to wash, shower and do dishes and cleaning. The weather as it looks does not seem to be to cold the next coming weeks but we are heading south for Christmas and will need to winterize the small trailer to make sure the pipes do not freeze while we are away. I'm finding it a little hard as we are sitting around a lot. Its ok we are working on Christmas gifts, getting our business read to get up and running but sitting around is hard on this old mans back. I'd love to get out and do some hard labour the back likes it and it keeps the muscles energized. So far we have gotten some good deals I need to get some time to go out and get more birch saplings for walking sticks so I can get them pealed and drying. Been luck found everything I need to finish them we picked up beads for the bead work, I have feathers from one of the turkeys i shot a few yeas ago, pick up leather strips for the bell ringers (great for making noise while walking in the bush to warn bears away) and pick up some material for hand grips to make it easier on the hands. I'm very luck with my better half and her shopping skills helping me find all these items. Plus the support she gives me in our new adventure. Once we can get Christmas over with and some time to our selves we will get our web page developed, up and start selling thing. Plus when the spring hits we plan to be ready for any craft or flea market. When we get item ready we will take picture and up load and provide our link.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas I know I will I have the love of my life with me!



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Post  tygerkittn on Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:00 am

Awwww, y'all are such a sweet couple!
I can't wait to see y'all's web page! We might be moving up north, hubby has had a couple of phone interviews for a company in Washington state. (I put in a bunch of applications for jobs in Hawaii but no luck there!Very Happy ) It pays more than the old job, so that's cool! Cool
It's still pretty warm here, the air conditioner is running right now.
Preps have come in handy, they didn't send the severance when they were supposed to, so we've been using preps and haven't lacked for anything! God is good! I don't even miss shopping. Yet. Laughing
Maybe by the time your web page is up I'll be back to shopping! I hope so, it sounds like it's gonna be great!
Are y'all anywhere near Washington? We've been looking for stuff near the Oregon border, since my oldest is in Portland. We might end up farther north, though. Unless Hawaii comes through! sunny


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