Milk prices rise

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Milk prices rise  Empty Milk prices rise

Post  kelee877 on Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:55 am

When we were in town for my training we did our usual shopping, milk prices here have gone from 3.97 for 4 liters up to 4.27

Oh and apple juice cans have shrunk from 1.36 liters(48 ounces) down to 1.05 liters..have to admit they look funny

Tomato sauce cans have shrunk did not get sizes, but they now look like soup can size

I remember after all these years once certain prices go up, then there will another whirl wind of price increases

Couple of weeks ago we notices powdered milk and mr noodles had gone up in price, I am really hoping that with this weeks milk price increase that we are not in for another round of shrink and rise

If you notice any shrinking products or price increases please post them

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Milk prices rise  Empty Re: Milk prices rise

Post  Ozarks_1 on Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:17 am

You're right - it really isn't anything new.

Shrinking packages often have - in fine print, of course - statements like: 'Sold by weight not volume'; 'Contents may settle during shipment'; etc.

EXAMPLE: Take a look at a typical No. 10-sized can of coffee ...
The can's the same size; the price is the same - but content weight has dropped to 33.6 ounces (previously 36 ounces).

Another EXAMPLE is a box of single serving drink mixes meant to be added to bottled water or packets of instant coffee ...
The box is the same size; the price is the same - but there is one fewer packet.

Another EXAMPLE is sugar ...
Package is the same size; price is the same - but content weight has dropped to 4 pounds (previously 5 pounds).

This is a deliberate move by producers and government together to mislead the (generally dumb) public.
After all, not many people pay attention to the weight of package contents; they'll generally assume that 'the contents settled during shipment' if they notice anything at all.
The reasoning behind this is quite simple: there's no real public perception of price increases, so government can state (after manipulating numbers, of course) that there's little or no inflation ... and the public believes it.


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