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Good Morning Happy Saturday Empty Good Morning Happy Saturday

Post  kelee877 on Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:25 am

Here is an update about our lives and winter in 5th wheels trailers and just chit,chat

So I had obtained 2 jobs and well one of them was an hour away from where we are, I was not minding the drive to much,althou it pretty dark on those highways in the morning..I ended up leaving the one job yesterday they did not know how to handle themselves in a very professional way and yea played the favorite card a bit to much for my liking, so now I am down to just the one job(makes hubby happy because we will be working together) and he did not like the idea of me being on the highway so much.

I will be around more to update the forum,post news and information

Thank You to all of you for keeping the place tidy in the couple of weeks I had been working so many hours

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