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Water lots of it Empty Water lots of it

Post  kelee877 on Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:36 am

Since we have moved and we are part way off the grid. I have found out the importance of water.

and the different categories water can fall under

Water to drink we are going to walmart and filling up a couple of the big jugs we have, that go in to the water dispenser only a couple of dollars to fill(dispenser was purchased at a yard sale before we moved for a couple of dollars)

we have started saving the 2 liter pop bottles and when we head in to town for the night we fill those and any other drinkable containers we can fill

Water for dishes we have used rain water when we were travelling and when we are back home we use the tape water provided(not drinkable) and as both 5th wheels have sinks I have been able to use those

Rain Barrels we scored a great deal at home hardware clearance section...2 of these and they were on 35.00. They come with pumps to circulate the water

Water lots of it Rain%20barrels

Water for bathing..Folks I am not a shower person, a past experience has me in morbid fear of having a shower..I will if it really comes down to it but safe bet to say Parkerhale would have to hold my hand. So I bath and I send this out there now because all the summer sales are on and the best thing I have found so far is a good ole blow up single person boat. Or even small pools. WE use a med canning pot and fill the boat up with water from the sink, there is room for this boat on the kitchen,living room floor area. When we want to empty we take from the rain barrel above the pump and it siphons out the water and we put the water in to the honey wagon and over to the drop area it goes( come winter hen there is no water or dump station we will have to come up with a different idea for bath time) will update as we go along.Ladies(or Men) stock up on some epsoms salts for baths especially if it hard water

Water for laundry right now there is a washer on site and we hang all of the clothes. When the water gets shut off we will head to town and use the laundromat. I did purchase 2 of these buckets on sale for 5.00 each,but I found they did not work to hard to pull the clothes through even small articals. These will be used for something else down the road I am sure of that

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Post  zeker on Thu Nov 05, 2015 4:50 am

been hunting this week and in the am when preparing the lunches for the day I preheat the thermos by boiling water in a pot to pour in.

afterwards the soup goes in the same pot (less dirty dishes)

when the soup is done pour the water out of the thermos into a bowl.

pour soup into thermos and then use the, still boiling water, to clean the pot/utensils that the soup was cooked in .

using water multiple times is an energy savings..

less lugging buckets.

all my water for utilitys comes from rainwater.

drinking water is aquired by stopping at a friends place who has a well.


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