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Post  Guest on Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:21 am

Well it is official we are screwed. Trudeau is our new prime minister. Our debt situation is going to get even worse, I feel sorry for the working people of Ontario because Kathleen Wynne  is going to get the Ontario Pension Plan up and running making it very hard on small business to run and taking money out of the everyday working class people that are just barely making it now. Plus if she has her way we know she is goign to use the money to line the Liberal parties pockets and the actual money will not be there when the people who contributed need it.

Trudeau want to bring in refugees which is going to screw this country.Harper may have been an ass but at least he knew the financial implications of bring them into the the country.


Now with the post the Huffington Post article above Trudeau tot he rescue by running a 10 billion deficit to create jobs we are going to be doing a nose dive. We know where the money is coming from taxes taxes and more taxes Mad

We will continue to follow this and post as it develops.


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