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Post  Guest on Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:22 am

A lot of people say they will move to the bush and hunt and fish to survive when SHTF but in reality this is a lot more difficult than it sounds. First if SHTF you are not the only person in the bush thinking the same way. We are an hour west of Sudbury which is a city of approximately 45000, and towns dotted along the way with populations from 500 to 5000. We came into the bush to hunt for 3 weeks and so far we have had about 10 different people dive into our camp, the main road coming in was like a little hwy the day before opening season. So the first thing you would have to think of is Security! not only can people drive into our camp with the one road coming in but if someone really wanted to get here without being noticed a sort jaunt through the bush would all it would take.

Supplies: how much can you carry? I have been out here for 8 days now I come across 6 partridge and being hunted for the lat month they are very skittish. My game camera has been in place for the last 3 days and has not captured any picture of animals. We have seen lots of tracks not really fresh but when you seen moose tracks you usually see wolf tracks. So not only are you in competition with other people mother nature will have competition for you trying to bag some quarry to eat. Plus if you happen to be lucky enough to bag something then the work will begin, bringing it out of the bush, hanging, skinning, keeping predators away people included, butchering the animal and you have to think of storing. You can salt, smoke and dry your meats like the old days but it takes time and knowledge how to do it properly to ensure you don't kill everyone you feed with bacteria.

Diet: man cannot live on meat alone especially now that our bodies have become accustom to the variety of foods we have today. If you change your diet quickly the body will rebel by causing diarrhea which will cause dehydration. Speaking of dehydration the recommended amount of water a person should consume is 30 mls of 1 ounce of water for every kilogram of weight or every 2.2 pounds of weight. Where do you get safe drinkable water?

These are just a few things to think of before you say you are going to move to the bush and live off the land when SHTF!


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Post  kelee877 on Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:33 am

Let me add to what Parkerhale has just typed

The female side

as he is out in the bush, I am here at the Terry trailer...

the generator is going so that I have power to get the things I would like done, I sew and craft while he is out hunting..

So when your partner says we will go out to the bush when SHTF..ladies think about will have to be on your guar the whole time you are pal sits besides me and I am on the ready..not that anything would happen right now,but it is what we call a mind set.

Right now I have the means to get things done,but I think about when SHTF in order to get some of the basics done, I would need a fire going, to cook meals,make candles,soaps etc. That would be a dead give away as to were we are located.

and yes the generator is loud, sometimes I cannot see until it is to late that someone is coming down the your set up needs to be positioned perfectly...

AS time goes on and we are here a few more days, I will post more to this to give the female side of being "we will just go out to the bush"...

All I can say right now is; I am glad we came out here to experience what it will be like out in the middle of sorta no where to get the information we will need come SHTF

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