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Fall Weather Driving Empty Fall Weather Driving

Post  Guest on Sat Oct 17, 2015 6:00 am

The weather the last couple of days that we have travel threw is just strange for this tie of year. When we left home base in Elk Lake to come south to hunt with Zeker and his Bro we ran into some strange weather. Just past Field, Ontario we came into hail. rain, black clouds, wind and lightening and on the news we heard of a confirmed funnel cloud in Coniston which is a few miles east Sudbury Ontario. On our trip we past close by Coniston but were lucky enough to only have to deal with the rain, hail, wind and black clouds. This is strange weather for this time of year, usually this weather is related with hot summer weather. To have these type of conditions. Kelee has a video of what we drove threw I can get her to up load. It is rather funny listening to her as she commentates the video, but it wasn't at the time having to drive thru.


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